Ralph Sanchez's Old Spanish Village's sales office is on the corner of Palermo and Ponce De Leon Boulevard.  It is the former Arts Center and Architectural Headquarters of George Merrick's Coral Gables.  Designed by renowned Coral Gables architect Phineas Paist, it is a good example of Spanish Architecture and what later became known as the Gables' trademark "Mediterranean" architecture.  The building is designated a Coral Gables historic landmark.

Architectural Stair Detail  - Atrium at circular stair at the Arts Center and Architectural Headquarters building's entry. Small clearstory windows with blue tinted glass are seen at the top of the structure allowing natural light into the entry foyer area.  This stairway also leads to a temporary Coral Gables Museum, and a "preview" exhibit known as Celebrate*, open each Wednesday. This exhibit is moving to its permanent location, the original 1939 WPA Coral Gables Police and Fire Station, north of Coral Way on the NE corner of Aragon Avenue and Salzedo Street. The museum's scheduled opening is 2010, and it is a federally designated historic building. 

*Celebrate is a historical timeline exhibit of early South Florida and the vision of George E. Merrick, founder, and developer of the City of Coral Gables.  The exhibit is free and the web site is www.coralgablesmuseum.org


Coral Gables Entry Arch - In the theme of Coral Gables’ architect Denman Fink’s historical arches of Coral Gables. It contains decorative features characteristic of the various entry arches to the City of Coral Gables. The coral rock stone façade is applied at the base of the entry arch and the main (upper) portion of the arch will be light textured stucco. Exposed brick or stone is used on these arches in the "Mediterranean" design motif. The project architect is Jorge L. Hernandez, A.I.A. The arch is located along Coconut Grove Drive and forms part of the perimeter of the Old Spanish Village development.




Progress of building construction at Old Spanish Village development - photo taken 09/2008.  Located in the historic Arts and Crafts Section of Coral Gables, the development is in the conceptual design image of Coral Gables' founder George Merrick and the themed villages he constructed in the 1920's.